Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 Things To Be Thankful For..err 11

I feel like every now in then it's good to reflect on the good things going on in life. Especially when the sky seems terribly grey.

First, a recap and bit of venting.
I've been going through quite a bit lately- balancing trying to gain weight, see a psychotherapist, and deal with/try to get a diagnosis for my HIGHLY* probable Celiac Disease (highly meaning I know that I have it but my blood test said I was 5 out of 8 or as the doctors say "equivocal"). Also* I was not eating gluten (for the exception of a brownie here and there and the contamination of my college cafeteria) for months prior to the test and was still having horrible problems (thus proving that I am indeed sensitive to gluten in some way shape or form). As I have been on the gluten free diet now for about 3 months and CAN DEFINATELY tell that I get sick when ingesting gluten I refuse to go back to gluten and get retested because I am feeling almost 100 percent better being 100% gluten free- with the exception of getting glutened out to eat on fathers day. So I am slightly stressed.

Now..things to be thankful for.

1. I'm alive. To put it in perspective, things could be much worse for me. I am overall getting more healthful and healing every day.
2. I have a wonderful family, boyfriend, and friends. I love you all. You all have been so supportive and helpful. Though I know at times it's very hard for you ton understand how I feel and understand exactly what I'm going through.
3. I have a job that I love that helps others. Though my current stressors and ailments have negatively effected my ability to work lately, I have been getting better everyday and I am so thankful for my job with wonderful people that I work with and the ability to help others like myself.
4. Carob. Thank you Lord, for putting the lovely Carob pod on this earth. It's lovely chocolate-like flavor has made not be able to eat chocolate much more enjoyable.
5. The beauty of God's green earth. The weather is balmy, the plants are blooming and green- alive. What more can we ask for?
6. The roof over my head and the food on the table. In this recession we are so fortunate. There are so many people who don't have healthcare, don't have homes, don't have food.
7. Music. My other solace. Thank you for bringing me peace.
8. Yoga. My OTHER solace. Thank you for teaching me to quiet my mind, focus, and breathe.
9. Modern medicine/technology. Without the advancements of modern medicine we may have never known what Celiac disease was!
10. The Camera. Thank you for fueling my passion and giving me the ability to capture life's beauty.
11. Life. Thank you for the gift of life. The ability to experience happy and sad moments. The human ability for compassion, rationale, and forgiveness. and most importantly-for love.

strawberry pie recipe coming soon!

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