Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sugar Free Raw Treats

Cashew butter, coconut, and carob powder/cocoa powder balls
Carob/cocoa or -vanilla- coconut milk chia pudding w/stevia
avocado mousse with/stevia cocoa/carob
Banana carob/cocoa shake
Cinnamon baked apples
Pumpkin spice muffins (no sugar added)
Berry crisp with coconut flour/oil topping (no sugar added)
Raw cake with cashews, dates, carob/coconut oil
Bean brownies/blondies/cake w teff flour/brown rice flour with/ coconut oil frosting
Bean cookies with carob
Coconut flour stevia cake/muffins -eggs in
Almond meal cookies stevia w/carob -vegan
Fruit :)
raw honey
Coconut milk ice cream (agave)
sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon

Lasagna- sub tofu with white beans!

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